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Bowl Ceramic 2 Color Set

Bowl Ceramic Black Doff Set

Bowl Coconut Wood Set

Teak Wood Bowl Set - Uncoated

RM 135.00Add to CartRM 135.00Add to CartRM 52.00Add to CartRM 98.00Add to Cart

O 055 Chakra Balancing Disk

Cakra Stone Set Carved in Box Tree of Life

Cakra Stone Set Plain in Box Tree of Life

Cakra Stone Set in Box

RM 9,238.00Add to CartRM 650.00Add to CartRM 450.00Add to CartRM 620.00Add to Cart

Flower Bowl Trail Glass

Flower Bowl Teak Wood

Flower Bowl Mahony Plain

Flower Bowl Lotus Tall Base

RM 90.00Add to CartRM 138.00Add to CartRM 98.00Add to CartRM 180.00Add to Cart

Copper Carving

Copper Hammered

F 006c Thalasso Footbath Brown Copper Bowl w. Wood Ladle


RM 748.00Add to CartRM 720.00Add to CartRM 748.00Add to CartRM 500.00Add to Cart

O 052b Hot Cabinet Small

O 052a Hot Cabinet Big


O 051b Hot Stone w. Wooden Tongue & Bag

O 051a Wooden Tongue

RM 536.00Add to CartRM 54.00Add to Cart  

O 039c Incense Burner Stand (Set)

O 039b Incense Burner Stand (Set)

O 039a Incense Burner w. 24 Sticks

RMisc 17

RM 27.00Add to CartRM 27.00Add to CartRM 108.00Add to Cart

O 047 Jewelry Box

RM 108.00Add to Cart   

O 026 Linen Basket w. Lining

F 020a Laundry Basket w. Linen Bag

RM 163.00Add to CartRM 867.00Add to Cart  

O 002c

O 002b

O 002a

O 002 Lockers Vetiver Apple

O 044d Bill Folder

O 044c Menu Folder

O 044b Menu Note Pad

O 044 & O 044a

RM 135.00Add to CartRM 244.00Add to CartRM 152.00Add to CartRM 244.00Add to Cart

Set 8 Lavender Dulang

Set 8 Terquise U Shave

Set 8 Blue Tree

Tray Gamelan w. Glass Blue T6 (Set)

RM 1,728.00Add to CartRM 1,490.00Add to CartRM 1,355.00Add to CartRM 570.00Add to Cart

Cinnamon Crush

Wooden Hammered



RM 209.00Add to CartRM 160.00Add to CartRM 75.00Add to CartRM 60.00Add to Cart

F 018a Shirodara Oil Warmer

F 018 Shirodara Stand w. Bowl

RM 2,888.00Add to CartRM 2,310.00Add to Cart  

Signage - Treatment in Progress

O 016d Signage DND

O 016c (Privacy Requested)

O 016b (Do Not Disturb)

RM 90.00Add to CartRM 396.00Add to CartRM 108.00Add to CartRM 108.00Add to Cart

O 054b Temple Bowl

O 054a Singing Bowl Set

O 019 Chime Bell

Tibetan Bell

RM 5,364.00Add to CartRM 4,876.00Add to Cart

O 036 Square Tray

O 028 Presentation Stand - Dulang

O 025 Face Towel Tray w. Tongue

O 024 Thalasso Footbath Tray Complete

RM 180.00Add to CartRM 328.00Add to CartRM 98.00Add to CartRM 656.00Add to Cart

O 046 Therapist Oil Pump Bottle & Belt (200ml)

O 043 Nail Fan

O 041 Zen Garden

O 010 Decorative Stone Tray

RM 141.00Add to CartRM 27.00Add to CartRM 108.00Add to CartRM 135.00Add to Cart

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