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Hotel & Resort Supply

Amenities Range - Ceramic

Amenities Range - Clay

Amenities Range - Coconut Wood

Amenities Range - Copper

Bamboo Box (Set) - Batik

Bamboo Box (Set) - Green Oval

Bamboo Box (Set) - Brown Round

Bamboo Box (Set) - Square Red

RM 245.00Add to CartRM 135.00Add to CartRM 135.00Add to CartRM 135.00Add to Cart

Beach Bag Bamboo w. Rattan Handle

Beach Bag Pandan with Logo

Beach Bag - Mendong

RM 116.00Add to CartRM 70.00Add to CartRM 28.00Add to Cart 

Green Zeolite w. Teak Wood (MOQ 12 pcs)

Black Endesit w. Teak Wood (MOQ 12pcs)

Green Zeolite (MOQ 12pcs)

Black Endesit w. Line (MOQ 12pcs)

RM 148.00Add to CartRM 148.00Add to CartRM 124.00Add to CartRM 124.00Add to Cart

Candle Holder (Set) - Dulang Teak Wood w. Glass

Teak Wood Spiral w. Glass (MOQ 12 set)

Candle Holder - Teak Wood Round Base w. Glass

Teak Wood Base w. Glass (MOQ 12pcs)

RM 565.00Add to CartRM 200.00Add to CartRM 115.00Add to CartRM 92.00Add to Cart

Green Zeolite Stone (MOQ 6 pcs)

Cinnamon Crush (MOQ 12pcs)

Pandan (MOQ 12pcs)

RM 415.00Add to CartRM 235.00Add to CartRM 188.00Add to Cart 

Green Zeolite w. Teak Wood (MOQ 12pcs)

Black Andesite w. Teak Wood (MOQ 12pcs)

Teak Wood w. Mother of Pearl Line (MOQ 12pcs)

Grib w. Aluminium Insert (MOQ 12 pcs)

RM 328.00Add to CartRM 328.00Add to CartRM 260.00Add to CartRM 224.00Add to Cart

Rice Bowl Copper

Fruit Bowl Copper

Fruit Bowl - Copper Square

Teak Wood Natural Shape

RM 420.00Add to CartRM 295.00Add to CartRM 265.00Add to CartRM 145.00Add to Cart

Water Jug Blue Trill

Water Jug Blue

Blue Water Glass

Blue Tumbler

RM 106.00Add to CartRM 135.00Add to Cart

Teak Wood w. Brass Line

teak Wood w. Shell Line (MOQ 12pcs)

Teak Wood w. Mother of Pearl Cover (MOQ 12pcs)

Plain Square (MOQ 12pcs)

RM 600.00Add to CartRM 260.00Add to CartRM 292.00Add to CartRM 180.00Add to Cart

Ladder_Teak Wood 1.2m

Ladder Teak Wood 1.5m

Ladder Bamboo w. Stand (MOQ 12 pcs)

Bamboo Rack Display (MOQ 6 pcs)

RM 155.00Add to CartRM 160.00Add to CartRM 120.00Add to CartRM 280.00Add to Cart

Wooden Hammered (MOQ 6pcs)

F 020a Laundry Basket w. Linen (MOQ 6pcs)

Rattan Core w. Linen (MOQ 6pcs)

Woven Cantik (MOQ 6pcs)

RM 640.00Add to CartRM 867.00Add to CartRM 440.00Add to CartRM 320.00Add to Cart

Menu Folder Wood Cut Tree (MOQ 12 pcs)

Menu Folder - Wood Cut Leaf (MOQ 12 pcs)

Menu Cover - Wooden Carving (MOQ 12 pcs)

Menu Cover/Bill Folder Wood Cut

RM 316.00Add to CartRM 316.00Add to CartRM 184.40Add to CartRM 316.00Add to Cart

Signage - Toilet (MOQ 12 pcs)

Signage - Parking Cone

Signage - Wet Floor (MOQ 12 pcs)

Signage - Open & Close

RM 68.00Add to CartRM 260.00Add to CartRM 68.00Add to Cart

Pandan Cross (100 pair)

Slipper Pandan Open Toe (100 pair)

Pandan Slop (100 pair)

Pandan Jepit (100 pair)

RM 19.20Add to CartRM 19.20Add to CartRM 18.40Add to CartRM 18.40Add to Cart

Green Zeolite w. Teak Wood

Marble w. Stand

Soap Dish_Teak Wood Stainless Curve

Soap Dish_Ceramic Plain

RM 115.00Add to CartRM 65.00Add to CartRM 45.00Add to Cart

Box Teak Wood Hammered

Tea/Cotton Bud Box_Teak Wood Square

Tea/Cotton Bud Box_Mahony Square

Tea/Cotton Bud Box_Teak Wood 2 Color

RM 76.00Add to Cart

Ceramic w. Rattan Handle (Set)

Tea Pot Ceramic w. Rattan Handle

Lotus Green Small Tea w. Rattan Handle (Set)

Lotus Purple Tea w. Rattan Handle (Set)

RM 120.00Add to CartRM 150.00Add to CartRM 105.00Add to CartRM 165.00Add to Cart

Black Endesit w. Teak Wood (MOQ 12 pcs)

Green Zeolite (MOQ 12 pcs)

Mahoni w. Cinnamon Crush

Teak Wood Grib w. Stainless Leg Square

RM 184.00Add to CartRM 225.00Add to CartRM 165.00Add to CartRM 149.00Add to Cart

Teak Wood combination Rattan & Mother of Pearl

Tray Afternoon Tea 3 Tier - Bird Cage

Serving Tray_Tray Rattan Jati Round

Teak Wood Hammered

RM 750.00Add to CartRM 115.00Add to Cart

Umbrella Stand Wood Bamboo Combination

Teak Wood Grib

Teak Wood Plain w. Stainless

Umbrella Stand Teak Wood Hammered

RM 475.00Add to CartRM 475.00Add to CartRM 525.00Add to CartRM 475.00Add to Cart

Bowl Teak Wood_Resin

Hand For Card Holder

Sand Stamp Custom Made

Trunk - Seagrass

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