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O 029d Kimono Yukata 100% Bamboo Fibre

O 029c Kimono Waffle Sponge 100% Cotton

O 029a Kimono Batik 100% Bamboo Fibre

Massage Bed

L 019b Electric Blanket

L 019a & b

L 018 Table Skirting

L 017b Slippers

L 017a Pandan Slippers

L 016c - Design 04

L 016c - Design 03

L 016c - Design 02

L 016b Spa Therapist Uniform

L 016a Spa Therapist Uniform

L 015 Wall Banner

L 013f Face Mitt 100% Bamboo Fibre

L 013b, c, d & e

L 013a Face Towel 100% Bamboo Fibre

L 012 Sarong 100% Bamboo Fibre with Hand Painting Batik


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